Syscon began its operations in Turkmenistan in 2001. In just over a decade, the company has left its progressive footprints in over 21 countries across Central Asia, Caucasus, Middle East and Africa with a turnover in excess of $450M.
Over the years, Syscon has changed the face of the consumer electronics and home appliances market through innovative distribution and retail in several countries where it operates; and helping the company grow are its partners – the world’s leading consumer electronics product manufacturing brands.
Syscon today is reputed for its quality and relevant offerings. From small kitchen appliances to the latest televisions, smart phones and laptops, the company takes great pride in offering a wider choice to its customers when compared with its competitors, in terms of brands and range of products. Syscon assists manufacturers to develop products by providing valuable feedback on consumer behaviour and market trends. The company's rapidly growing customer base and confidence is a testimony to that.
Syscon's state-of-the-art logistics facilities and multicultural workforce of over 300 employees enable it to offer the latest products from the world's leading brands and enrich the lives of millions of families.
Syscon has diversified into the retail sector with Galaxy. It has over five thousand square metres of fully operational retail space in the Caucasus region, satisfying the needs of discerning customers.
While steadfastly marching into the future with accolades, Syscon has been compassionately mindful of the societies it operates in and has been involved in local community empowerment and business development ventures among the underprivileged. With a long term vision and commitment to excellence, Syscon practices professionalism, ethics and responsibility for sustainable business operations.


To become the pioneer in the distribution of consumer electronics and home appliance industries offering customers a wide range of products from leading brands for better value in Central Asia, Middle East, Africa and the Caucasus Regions


  • Ensure loyalty backed by strong business ethics while understanding the pulse of the customer
  • To build enduring and strong partnerships across the supply chain
  • Expand to new markets with effective and efficient utilisation of talent and technology